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Haixin in the awards meeting of Jinzhou metal industry 6S management competition


On October 20, the awards meeting of on-site 6S management competition in Jinzhou metal industry was held in the conference room on the fourth floor of Jinzhou Federation of trade unions. Ms. Zhao Yingjie, general manager of our company, attended the event as an invited guest. The 6S (sorting, rectifying, cleaning, cleaning, literacy, safety) management competition on site has greatly enlightened our company in the company's management system

6S on-site management competition helps employees develop good behavior habits. This 6S management competition is divided into two stages: theoretical examination and on-site mutual inspection. Through theoretical study, the knowledge reserve and actual management level of the majority of employees on-site management have been improved; through actual participation in rectification, their own code of conduct has been further standardized. In particular, the organizers of the competition guide and supervise the employees' work behavior through theoretical examination, on-site training, unified requirements, individual guidance and other forms, so that employees can develop good working and living habits.

6S on-site management competition has improved the management level of enterprises. On the basis of the original 6S management, all enterprises have invested a certain amount of manpower, material and financial resources, and have done a lot of meticulous and effective work. The site environment was further tidied and the operation site was completely new. The water pump room of CITIC metal manganese product workshop is full of complicated pipelines, but the vision is clear, miscellaneous and not disordered; BaoTi Huashen sponge titanium finishing workshop invested nearly 80000 yuan special fund to improve the site environment, filled the whole workshop with signs, clear warning area division, clear rules and regulations, and orderly arrangement of ground objects, making the site environment relaxed and pleasant.

6S field management competition improves the production efficiency of enterprises. Through on-site 6S management, the staff were surprised to find that the on-site items were placed in order, no longer need to waste time for searching, and the efficiency was naturally improved. Guo Shushan, chairman of the trade union of Liaoning Xinhua long Dayou molybdenum Co., Ltd., said happily: "this year's 6S on-site management competition closely conforms to the actual situation of various enterprises. The service center work has promoted the improvement of the on-site management of each enterprise from the coarse to the fine, from the surface to the inside, and from the point to the surface. It not only improves the staff's quality, ensures the production safety, but also provides a strong force for the enterprise to improve production and efficiency.

6S on-site management competition promotes the win-win communication among enterprises. This competition mutual inspection stage has built a platform for enterprises to understand each other, learn from each other, learn from each other, and make common progress. All enterprises have sent senior white-collar workers who understand the on-site management and strong learning ability to participate in mutual check-up and free learning, making the competition a visual feast to draw on the strengths of many families and help enterprises take off. In the process of competition and communication, we all felt that the on-site 6S management is not a form, but a standardized management mode, which needs to be carried out constantly and continuously.

As for the next work, our company will carry out rectification and rectification according to the standard, and promote the continuous deepening of enterprise technological innovation.