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Ultrafine zirconium carbide powder has been successfully developed


The new material industry is a strategic emerging industry that the state focuses on cultivating and developing, and is also one of the pillar industries in the construction of enterprise science and technology.On November 1, 2020, Haixin technical team again developed ultrafine zirconium carbide, D50:0.273um, powder particle size span is narrow, interval is small, powder particle size concentration.So far, there are many methods to prepare zirconium carbide powder, such as high temperature self-propagating method, laser cracking method, arc melting synthesis method, chemical vapor deposition method, etc., our company adopts high temperature self-propagating method.Smelting is divided into two processes: 1) pure zirconia powder + graphite powder high-temperature sintering, 2) zirconia + graphite powder reduction sintering.Therefore, the zirconium carbide produced by our company is of high purity and can be supplied in bulk, with low price and fast delivery speed.

Zirconium carbide is a typical representative of binary transition metal carbide, which has high melting point, hardness and modulus, good friction and wear resistance, ablative resistance and corrosion resistance, good electrical and thermal conductivity and excellent thermodynamic stability.These excellent properties allow zirconium carbide to be used as cutting tools, thermal protection and anti-wear coatings, field emitters and electrode materials.In addition, zirconium carbide has lower neutron absorption cross section and better radiation resistance, so it can be used as inert matrix materials in nuclear reactors, such as nuclear fuel cladding materials.

After the successful research and development, the ultrafine zirconium carbide further enriched the company's product structure, consolidated and enhanced the company's product advantages, helped to enhance the company's comprehensive competitiveness in the field of scientific research and military manufacturing, and laid the foundation for the company's sustainable development.