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The company's ability improvement training has been successfully completed


On January 20, 2020, the training course of ability improvement conducted by the company was successfully completed. The training lasted nearly 10 days from the preliminary preparation to the organization and implementation. The teaching contents included safety production and control, on-site 5S, etc. The employees of the company spent two weeks to organize the learning.

The training problem oriented, and combined with the practical problems and difficulties in current production, using the method of action learning, in order to solve the actual problem is given priority to, around thinking consciousness, professional ability to ascend and site practical lessons form, such as the training greatly mobilized the enthusiasm of the participation of staff learning and initiative, rich in content, strong pertinence, practical training, the company said the head of each department will have learned the knowledge and method of the use of the positive to the future actual work.

All the staff have broadened their vision, enhanced their awareness, improved their ability to analyze and solve problems, and made clear the direction and target of the next improvement. To further improve and strengthen the production organization and management, improve efficiency and quality has played a good role in promoting.