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The company will carry out training for new employees in 2021

Companies belonging to strengthen the new staff, make the new employees on the company's industrial structure and further understand the overall situation, the morning of February 1, 2021, 2021 new employees training in the company meeting held on time, the company management leadership, functional department head, administrative personnel department head and 20 new employees attended the training.The training session was presided over by He Ping, Director of General Office/Director of Human Resources Department.
At the beginning of the meeting, Mr. Zhang Hongtao, the general manager of the company, welcomed all the new employees. From the establishment of the company in 2012 to the development of the growth of the company, and introduced the company's industrial structure, current service direction and future development goals.
Next, He Ping, director of the comprehensive office, trained the company through the introduction of the "13th Five-Year" development plan, the company's scientific and technological research and development achievements and direction, the company's industrial strength and service field, the company's logistics support, and the representative of the young outstanding employees, comprehensively introduced the basic situation of the company in all aspects.
Finally summing-up by ying-jie zhao, deputy general manager, new employees to do fast complete the role transformation, to complete the transition from student to employee, at the same time also hope the new employees will further comprehensive understanding of the company and clear positioning in the enterprise, the enhancement enterprise's sense of honor, as soon as possible to adapt to the pace of work, for the future development of companies and individuals who make a solid move.