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Liaoning University of Technology and Jinzhou Haixin jointly build the demonstration base of production, education and research


Give full play to in jin university of science and technology and talent advantage, booster counties and enterprise innovation and development, in 2020, the municipal party committee organization department, municipal technology bureau organization held a "jinzhou city selected the excellent talents in colleges and universities into the county's temporary joint conference", officially appointed the first nine in jin young university professor, Dr To science and technology correspondent in county (city) area.

So far, the temporary workers has gradually integrated into the county (city) area scientific and technological innovation and economic development, not only positive enterprise to carry out further investigation, and also combined with their own professional and technical advantages, continue to work in scientific and technological innovation "inspector" "advocate" and "fighters", and actively use their resources, help park and introduction of talents, technology and capital enterprise, gradually set up schools to fusion of the "golden bridge". For example, Professor Fu Ying of Bohai University made use of her resource advantages in the field of new materials and actively set up a bridge to facilitate a good interaction between Linghai City and Songshan Lake Materials Laboratory led by Academician Wang Enge, and reached the intention of building a "Songshan Hu-Jinzhou Materials Industry Chain Cooperation Platform". Dr. Wu Qiong from Liaoning University of Technology investigated more than 20 enterprises and promoted the establishment of an industry-university-research demonstration base between School of Materials of Liaoning University of Technology and Jinzhou Haixin Metal Materials Co., Ltd in accordance with the technical requirements of "key technology of special cermet".When Professor Wang Chunhua of Jinzhou Medical University learned about the needs of Liaoning Qiugu Animal Husbandry Co., Ltd and Liaoning Xinxiangyue Biological Technology Co., Ltd in modern breeding bases and talent introduction, he actively coordinated Jinzhou Medical University to select and send related master's students to serve in the enterprises. At the same time, also to assist enterprises from Shenyang Agricultural University to introduce a doctor talent. The 9 temporary personnel selected have visited more than 80 enterprises, collected more than 40 enterprises' technical needs and problems, assisted the park to carry out 15 activities of scientific and technological achievements docking, and facilitated 11 school-enterprise cooperation intentions, and achieved good initial results.