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Jinzhou Haixin held 2021 safety production training


Jinzhou Haixin metal materials co., Ltd. is one of the first into the big business enterprise of xue industrial park, industrial park since 2020, safety production and safety tour since the work, the company from top to bottom in-depth study, strong stresses the safety in production, to adapt to the situation of production safety requirements, the new era to achieve the goal of enterprise production safety situation steadily improving.
First, strengthen the consciousness of production safety and implement the main responsibility of enterprises. Take the initiative to attack, invite safety production department leaders, experts to the enterprise inspection. Enterprises in the internal force at the same time, looking for methods, the use of external pressure method. The management team takes the initiative to invite the leaders and experts of the superior safety supervisor unit to inspect and patrol the enterprise irregularly. The management team takes out the information and brings it into the workshop to accept the inspection of the leaders and experts. According to the valuable requirements and suggestions put forward by the leaders and experts, the management team takes the rectification and timely improvement.

Second, strengthen practical activities, let the staff experience the operation requirements. Enterprises to change the original focus on theoretical learning bad habits, efforts to carry out the theory of practice. First, the new employees, safety theory system learning, training, examination, according to the results of absorption. Two is to the new employee, take the master "one to one" to help take measures, by the backbone of the business master pair of new, a line of tie, a line of teaching, a line of demonstration, until the worker internalization skilled only single homework.
Third, regular training exercises for senior workers. The occurrence of the accident, great possibility comes from fluke psychology, to put an end to the paralytic fluke behavior of the old employee, the enterprise organizes regularly, uses morning meeting and rest time, to the worker develops business training and drill, examination and debate.     

"Safety first, prevention first" -- enterprise as the survival and development of the fundamental, from the system improvement, from the personnel management training, from the guarantee of funds, from the enterprise leadership consciousness strengthening prominent, multi-faceted flowering. To take on a new look of safety production for development, security, stability, and harmony!