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Haixin metal materials Co., Ltd. attended the inaugural meeting of Industrial Innovation Alliance


Jinzhou Haixin metal materials Co., Ltd., Liaoning Zhongse New Materials Technology Co., Ltd

Invited to attend the inaugural meeting of Jinzhou new metal materials industry association & industrial innovation alliance and the Industrial Development Summit Forum 

At 9:00 a.m. April 26, 2021, Jinzhou Haixin metal materials Co., Ltd. and Liaoning Zhongse New Material Technology Co., Ltd., as members of Jinzhou new metal material industry association, were invited to participate in the inaugural meeting and Industrial Development Summit Forum of Jinzhou new metal materials industry association and industrial innovation alliance, which was held at the alumni's home of Bohai University.


It main agenda of this meeting consists of two parts:

First, the inauguration ceremony of innovation alliance and association

On the spot, the main alliance leaders signed contracts with alliance members, and leaders such as president Tian Gang, sun Guangying, deputy director of the Municipal Taxation Bureau, Zhao Jing, member of the Standing Committee of the municipal Party committee and head of the United Front Work Department, delivered speeches respectively.

Second, the academic experts of various disciplines give speeches 

First of all, Mr. Fang Hongzhi, vice president of Bohai University, delivered a speech, followed by the academic analysis of the industry by experts 

Feng Yuzhong: Chinese economist, doctoral supervisor, former president of Liaoning University, chairman of Liaoning economic society, vice chairman of China enterprise future research association. Speech title "respect power, keep promise, respect courtesy, make enterprises better and better" 

Xing Pengfei: Doctor of metallurgical physical chemistry, professor and doctoral supervisor of Northeastern University. He is now vice chairman of ferroalloy branch of China Metal Association and director of new energy department of Metallurgy College of Northeastern University. The topic of the speech is "current situation and trend of ferroalloy development at home and abroad".

Liu Changhe: Professor level senior engineer, expert group leader of Titanium Dioxide Branch of China Coatings Association, member of Technical Committee of rare metal association of China Metal Association, and expert in titanium dioxide and special metal production in China. The topic of the speech is "Discussion on the sustainable development of Jinzhou metal new material industry". 

Liu Ligang and Yan Shuai: the two experts are senior analysts of molybdenum and vanadium market of The title of the speech is "review of molybdenum and vanadium industry in the 13th five year plan and prospect in the 14th five year plan".

The meeting was a complete success. After the meeting, all member units and experts had more in-depth exchanges and discussions, and visited the library of Bohai University and its history exhibition. Through this meeting, we have made friends with experts and scholars in the material industry, which provides a good opportunity for our company's material R & D and innovation in the future. Through the integration of industry, University and research, school enterprise linkage, we can tap the potential, stimulate vitality, enhance joint forces, help each other solve technical problems, and effectively promote the transformation of innovative achievements in the "new material industry". In the future enterprise development, we will actively implement the development direction of "market-oriented, innovation as the core", constantly improve the research level, accelerate the industrialization of scientific and technological achievements, strive to achieve the win-win goal of enterprise development and social progress, and strive to become an excellent enterprise with scientific and technological innovation and brand influence in the field of new materials.

26th Apr 2021