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Our company industrialized production zirconium boride powder/titanium boride powder


      With the rapid development of science and technology today, with the rapid rise of various disciplines, such as long-range missiles, rockets, space shuttles, spaceships and supersonic aircraft and other aircraft are developing towards a higher speed, greater thrust, higher altitude and safer direction, which puts forward higher requirements for the performance of aircraft. Due to the intense friction between the aircraft and the atmosphere, a large amount of heat is generated. The first thing to improve is the high temperature resistance of aircraft materials, including refractory metals, carbides, carbon-carbon materials and borides, etc. Boride ceramics are widely used in various fields because of their advantages such as high melting point, high hardness, high strength, high erosion resistance, high chemical stability and high electric thermal conductivity.


        Our company is market-oriented and actively engaged in the research field of boride products. Led by general manager zhang hongtao, the research and development team for several years as one day, after continuous improvement and experiment, finally industrialized production of zirconium boride powder, titanium boride powder and other boride products. My company produces a series of boride, with stable performance and good electrical conductivity, high strength, low price, low environmental pollution, etc, can be widely used in the military-industrial complex, aerospace field, refractory materials, replacing traditional don't wear resistance of the carbon electrodes, as thermocouple under extreme environment material, used as wear-resistant coating applied to the cutting tool. In addition, borides also have some applications in corrosion - and oxidation-resistant films. Welcome customers and friends to inquire and negotiate business. We will serve you wholeheartedly!