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Our company titanium diboride production process upgrade


Titanium diboride, as an important metal material in the field of ultra-high temperature ceramics, is more and more widely used in the market demand, especially in the production of evaporation boat, armor protection, aluminum electrolytic cell cathode coating materials and other fields occupies an important market position. In order to be more suitable for the market demand, our company has successfully achieved the process upgrade and industrialized production through repeated experiments by expert groups and various aspects, and has stepped into the front ranks of the market in terms of product quality.

After process upgrading, our mass produced titanium diboride has the following advantages:

First, it is stronger in the air.

Second, the high temperature resistance has been improved.

Three, the product stability is higher.

Four, the product purity up to 99%, XRD detection of 100%.

Fifth, industrialized production is realized, the cost is reduced and the price is more favorable.

Based on the above advantages, our company now has a more professional production capacity to provide new and old customers with better quality, lower price of high competitive products, sincerely look forward to working with you, our company general manager with all his family will provide our customers with the best quality products and services.