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Our company produces iron zirconium industrially



Iron zirconium is a ferroalloy composed of zirconium and iron, silicon, aluminum and other elements. Zirconium iron as deoxidizer and additive in alloy and used for special purposes of high temperature alloy, high strength low alloy steel, ultra-high strength steel and cast iron, which in turn is used in the atomic technology, aerospace, radio, etc., especially in the field of the production of magnetic materials, zirconium iron as a kind of important additives, are widely used. For example, in the production process of sintered NdFeB, iron zirconium plays the role of industrial monosodium glutamate, which can well improve the sintering temperature, so that the production of finished products more stable.

Our company has 5 tons of intermediate frequency furnaces, a number of automatic crushing and screening production lines, large supply, low price, stable quality, in strict accordance with the quality specifications of production, and can be customized according to customer requirements. Since the beginning of industrial production, our company has received many orders, and after the customer's trial production, has been unanimously recognized, has signed a long-term supply contract with a number of magnetic material manufacturers. As the supplier of Zirconium Iron, the recognition of customers is our driving force forward, we will continue to continue to develop, advancing with The Times, and strive to achieve more quality products and reputation of professional, integrity and win-win, to meet the needs of the new and old customers as our business goal.