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Autumn forest fire prevention, and gas regulation work conference



On the morning of October 30, Taihe district organized a meeting on forest fire prevention and gas regulation in 2021 and autumn. General Manager of Liaoning Sinocolor New Material Technology Co., LTD. (Jinzhou Haixin Metal Material Co., LTD.) : Zhang Hongtao, general manager attended the meeting.

The meeting stressed the need to deepen the investigation and management of hidden dangers and do a good job of security risk control in key industries (fields). To establish and improve emergency plans, implement safety warning boards and other safety precautions, safety management personnel and emergency rescue equipment; Close monitoring of major hazard sources; Strengthen the safety education and on-site management of construction personnel, implement various safety measures, and strictly ensure that special operation personnel with certificates on duty; In the aspect of gas safety, knowledge of safe use of gas should be passed on to improve employees' safety awareness and prevention skills.

In view of the meeting content of taihe district organization, our company held a safety emergency meeting, the meeting content landing, seriously implement!