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Why the titanium target price is high?


Why the titanium target price is high?

The target price of titanium is not cheap, mainly because the price of its raw material titanium is high.  Titanium sputtering target is mainly used for various film coatings, such as tool coatings, optical coatings, solar coatings and so on.  However, its high price is a major obstacle to its popularity and development.  

We usually think of gold and platinum as expensive because of their scarcity, but what about titanium?  Is it a precious metal?  Among the 10 most precious metals in the world, titanium, unfortunately, doesn't get its place as a foregone conclusion.  The earth's crust contains about 0.6 percent titanium, the fourth largest structural metal after aluminum, iron and magnesium.  

However, titanium is always combined with other elements found in nature.  Due to the complex extraction process and high cost of titanium, the price of titanium products is high.