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Research and application prospect of nano silicon powder


Research and application prospect of nano silicon powder

New Researches on Nano silicon

(1) Control the size and density of silicon nanocrystals in silicon oxide by changing the amount of silicon-rich, annealing conditions, etc. The literature believes that the critical temperature for the appearance of silicon nanocrystals is 1000oC, and we have determined through experiments that the critical annealing temperature for the appearance of nanocrystals is 900oC. The high-resolution electron image of silicon-rich silicon oxide with a silicon-rich content of about 30% after annealing at 900oC. It is clear that silicon nanocrystals.

(2) The electroluminescence of Au/(Ge/SiO2) super lattice/p-Si structure was observed for the first time. High-resolution electron micrograph of a four-period Ge/SiO2 super lattice. The bright-line is SiO2 with a thickness of 2.0 nm, and the thickness of the Ge layer is 2.4 nm.

(3) The nano-SiO2/Si/SiO2 double-barrier (NDB) single-potential well sandwich structure was grown on the silicon substrate by magnetron sputtering technology, and the visible electroluminescence of the Au/NDB/p-Si structure was realized for the first time. It is found that the peak position and intensity of electroluminescence oscillate synchronously with the change of the thickness (W) of the Nano-silicon layer. Further experiments and analysis prove that the oscillation period is equal to 1/2 the de Broglie wavelength of the carrier. It is explained by the electroluminescence model proposed by our group.

(4) For the first time, Er electroluminescence with a wavelength of 1.54μm (optical communication window) was realized on the basis of the SiO2:Si: Er film grown by magnetron sputtering.

(5) Ultraviolet electroluminescence with a low threshold voltage of 360nm was obtained for the first time in heat-treated ITO/natural silicon oxide/p-Si, which is the shortest wavelength silicon-based electroluminescence that has been reported.

The application prospects of Nano silicon
We have designed more than ten kinds of silicon/silicon oxide nanostructures on the silicon substrate and realized the photoluminescence in the main wavelength bands (including 1.54 and 1.62μm) from the near-ultraviolet to the near-infrared, and the photoluminescence under the forward or reverse bias Low threshold voltage electroluminescence, and proposed widely supported photoluminescence and electroluminescence models, which lay a certain foundation for the final realization of silicon-based optoelectronic integration. It has important scientific significance and huge application prospects.
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