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Report on the deployment of epidemic prevention



On the afternoon of December 24th, our company attended the conference on vaccination promotion of key industrial enterprises in Taihe District. At the meeting, taihe district leaders briefed the region on COVID-19 vaccination and made arrangements for the next step.

First, enterprises should raise political and ideological awareness, fully realize the importance and urgency of vaccination, fully implement the requirements of national, provincial and municipal COVID-19 vaccination work, and comprehensively accelerate the vaccination work.

Second, to increase publicity efforts, all enterprises should actively cooperate with the vaccination work, organize internal cadres, staff and grass-roots staff to launch the publicity work, be sure to cover all, no omission, to ensure that all receive.

Third, vaccination records should be made, and all enterprises should register and record the vaccination of their employees.

Our company will fully cooperate with the requirements of Taihe District on epidemic prevention. It is winter, and we will strictly implement all epidemic prevention measures, such as scanning code, temperature measurement, disinfection and wearing masks, to ensure the safe, efficient and orderly progress of vaccination.