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The nature and use of Borides Powder


The nature and use of Borides Powder

Boride has the characteristics of high conductivity, high melting point, high hardness, and high stability: Boride has relatively high thermal conductivity and strength, so its thermal stability is relatively good. The oxidation resistance of boride at high temperatures is based on group IVB metals. Boride is the best.

Borides are soluble in molten alkali, rare earth and alkaline earth metal Borides Powder are not corroded by humid air or dilute hy-drochloric acid but are soluble in nitric acid. Almost all Borides Powder have the appearance and properties of metals, with high conductivity and positive temperature coefficient of resistance. The Borides Powder of Ti, Zr, and Hf have better conductivity than their metals.

The creep resistance of boride is very good, which is very important for gas turbines and rockets that require materials to work at high temperatures for a long time, and can maintain strength, resist deformation, resist corrosion, and heat shock. Various alloys or cermets based on Borides Powder, carbides, and nitrides can be used to manufacture rocket structural components, aviation equipment components, turbine components, sample holders for high-temperature material testing machines and instrument components, bearings, and measuring high-temperature Cone head for hardness, and some structural parts of nuclear energy device, etc.