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Properties and applications of titanium boride


Titanium diboride powders are gray or grayish black and have a hexagonal (AlB2) crystal structure. Its melting point is 2980℃ and it has a high hardness. Titanium diboride can resist oxidation at 1000℃ in air and is stable in HCl and HF acids. Titanium diboride is mainly used to prepare composite ceramic products. Because it can resist corrosion of molten metal, it can be used in the manufacturing of molten metal crucible and electrolytic cell electrode.

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Mainly used in the following fields:

1 Conductive ceramic materials. It is one of the main raw materials of vacuum coating conductive evaporation boat.

2 Ceramic cutting tools and molds. Can manufacture finishing tools, drawing die, extrusion die, sandblasting nozzle, sealing elements, etc.

3 Composite ceramic materials. It can be used as an important component of multiple composite materials, and TiC, TiN, SiC and other materials to form composite materials, making various high temperature resistant parts and functional parts, such as high temperature crucible, engine parts and so on. It is also one of the best materials for making armor protection materials.

4 Cathode coating material for aluminum electrolytic cell. Because of the good wettability between TiB2 and liquid aluminum, using TiB2 as cathodic coating material can reduce the power consumption of aluminum electrolytic cell and prolong its service life.

5 It is made into PTC heating ceramic material and flexible PTC material. It has the characteristics of safety, energy saving, reliability and easy processing and forming. It is a high-tech product replacing all kinds of heating materials.

6 It is a good fortifying agent for Al, Fe, Cu and other metal materials.

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