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Preparation and application of tungsten disilicide


Tungsten disilicide, also known as tungsten silicide, is an inorganic silicide, is a black gray (blue black) tetragonal crystal. Its physical properties are as follows: chemical formula: WSi2, melting point 2165℃, density is 9.3g•cm3, melting point 2160℃ (3920 °F, 2,430K), has good oxidation resistance, soluble in aqua fluoride, but insoluble in water. The chemical properties of tungsten disilicide are described as follows: it can react violently with many substances, such as strong acids, fluorine, oxidants and interhalogen compounds.


Preparation method of tungsten silicide:

(1) Mix tungsten powder and silicon powder according to molar ratio of 1:2, titanium powder and graphite powder according to molar ratio of 1:1, and then mix evenly.

(2) The W-Si mixed powder was installed in the center of the crucible, and the Ti-C mixed powder was evenly installed between the W-Si mixed powder and the crucible. Finally, a layer of Ti-C mixed powder was installed on the top of all the mixed powder. The weight ratio of the Ti-C mixed powder and W-Si mixed powder in the crucible was (0.8~1.2) : 1

(3) The crucible filled with mixed powder is put into a closed reactor, after vacuum, argon gas is filled, and then the tungsten wire is energized to trigger the reaction between the mixed materials.

(4) After cooling, remove the reaction material, separate titanium carbide and tungsten disilicide, respectively broken to get titanium carbide and tungsten disilicide powder.

WSi2 is often used as a shock material in microelectronics, where the resistance is 60-80μ ω cm. It is also often used as a shunt on a polysilicon line to increase the conductivity and signal speed of the polysilicon line.

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