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Material field "dark horse" MXene material is what? What's the use?


In recent years, a variety of new two-dimensional materials have been developed, such as graphylene, MXene, black phosphorus and so on. They are gradually catching up with the "big brother" graphene and jumping into the hot frontier of the material field. Among them, MXene has become another dark horse in the material field. MXene is a new kind of transition metal carbon/nitride two-dimensional nanolayered material. Its unique physical and chemical properties make it widely concerned in many fields such as energy storage and conversion, sensors and multi-functional polymer composites in recent years. MXene also has excellent electrical conductivity, and after compounding with rubber, it can prepare sensing materials and sensors with excellent sensitivity and stability. MXene has the characteristics of high specific surface area and high conductivity, which can not only provide rich interface for microwave absorption, but also can carry out multiple internal reflection, which is conducive to the scattering and absorption of electromagnetic waves, so it has excellent electromagnetic shielding performance. When adding MXene into polymer material, its mechanical properties, thermal conductivity, flame retardancy and dielectric properties can also be improved. Adding MXene to the polymer to make a film can better achieve electromagnetic absorption and shielding effect. Notably, MXene contains a carbon layer, which has graphene-like properties, and a transition metal layer, which behaves like a transition metal oxide, the former giving it good electrical conductivity, while the latter gives it good energy storage. Therefore, MXene can be directly used as the electrode material of double electric layer capacitor, and can be used as a conductive matrix to composite with other pseudocapacitive materials to prepare hybrid capacitor electrode materials. Its large layer spacing can be intercalated with other materials, thus further increasing the density of the material and has a higher volume specific capacity. The high conductivity of MXene and the high specific capacity of pseudocapacitive materials can be used to optimize the electrochemical performance. Speaking of which, do you know the new kid on the block in this two-dimensional material?

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