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Properties and application fields of zirconium carbide


ZrC zirconium carbide powder material, chemical formula for ZrC, is a new type of material produced by special process design. Elastic modulus 35.5×103MPa, resistivity 57 ~ 75/μ ω •cm, compressive strength 1670MPa, thermal expansion coefficient 6.7×10-6℃ (20-1000℃), microhardness 2930kg/mm-2, thermal conductivity 20.52 [W (M •K) -1] (20℃), atomic weight 103.22, The theoretical carbon content is 11.64%, the melting point is 3540℃, the theoretical density is 6.66g/cm3, and the initial temperature of intense oxidation is 1100 ~ 1400℃. Insoluble in hydrochloric acid, but soluble in nitric acid. ZrC zirconium carbide powder material is a face-centered cubic structure with a lattice constant of 0.46930nm and a space group of Fm3m. The radius ratio of C atom to Zr atom is 0.481, less than 0.59, forming a simple gap phase. Zr atom forms a compact cubic lattice and C atom is located in the octahedral gap position of the lattice.

Product application scope:

ZrC zirconium carbide powder materials are the key materials for the preparation of high performance wear-resistant materials, high temperature structural materials, cemented carbide, aerospace, atomic energy, textile, electronics, coating and metallurgical automation and other high-tech fields.

6 molecules of niobium carbide and 4 molecules of zirconium carbide complex carbide solid solution (we can supply) can replace the expensive tantalum carbide, can produce high temperature wear-resistant CNC tools; A mixture of 4 molecules of tantalum carbide and 1 molecule of zirconium carbide (which we can customize) has a high melting point and is a good thermionic emission; Zr-ti alloy, Zr-Ti-C-B ceramics and C/C-(Zr-Ti-C-B/SiC) composites produced by zirconium carbide are new materials that can resist 3000℃ ablation, which makes supersonic flight possible and provides a high-end material solution for the development of supersonic aircraft.

ZrC zirconium carbide powder material can be used to manufacture new thermal insulation textiles, thermal insulation nylon and polyester fiber, temperature regulation fiber, heat storage thermal insulation polyester material, thermal insulation conjugate polyester fiber, solar heat storage thermal insulation finishing, Tai Chi steam lung vest, aerospace science and technology heating materials, carbon fiber.

ZrC zirconium carbide powder material can be used for infrared detection, electrode, refractory crucible and cathode electron emission material. Can be used as an abrasive, for all kinds of hard metal, corundum or glass processing; Also can produce wear - resistant, corrosion - resistant zirconium carbide crucible and cutting tools. In addition, it can also be used in the nuclear fuel industry, electronic equipment, tools on the wear-resistant protective film, ultra-hard film materials and high brightness electron emission film. Zirconium carbide coating, low density loose zirconium carbide coating has good thermal stress resistance and insulation performance, can be used as insulation material; High density and tight zirconium carbide coating has good permeability resistance and can be used as a protective coating.