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Vanadium carbide


The name of the material

Vanadium carbide is a chemical with the formula VC. Black cubic crystal. Melting point 2810℃, boiling point 3900℃, relative density 5.77. Slightly harder than quartz. It can be made by reducing vanadium pentoxide with coke. Mainly used in the manufacture of vanadium steel. It can be used as carbide carbide additive.

The basic information

Chinese name: Vanadium carbide

Name: Vanadium Carbide

English alias: Vanadium Carbide (VC); Vanadium carbide; Methane - vanadium; methylidyne vanadium

CAS: 12070-10-9; 11130-21-5

EINECS: 235-122-5

Molecular formula: VC

Molecular weight: 62.95

Properties: Vanadium carbide is a gray metallic powder containing 19.08% carbon (mass), belonging to sodium chloride cubic crystal system.

Density (g/mL, 25℃) : 5.77

Relative vapor density (g/mL, air =1) : undetermined

Melting point (℃) : 2810

Boiling point (℃, atmospheric pressure) : 3900

The synthetic methods

1. The carbon powder is fully mixed with vanadium pentoxide and reduced at a temperature above 1300℃ under high vacuum conditions to obtain vanadium carbide.

2. Pure VC can be prepared by gas reaction method. Hydrogen gas containing vanadium tetrachloride VCl4 vapor and hydrocarbon gases (methane, benzene, etc.) is passed to a tungsten wire heated directly by electricity, so that the reaction. In order to prevent the metal vanadium formed in the early stage of reaction from forming alloy with tungsten wire, the temperature of tungsten wire should be kept below 1400℃. After forming a very firm VC layer, it is heated to 2000℃ to complete the carbonization reaction. The tungsten wire is precipitated on the gray crystal, can be obtained oriented aggregate.

3. The preparation of vanadium metal by carbonization. The metal vanadium powder or vanadium hydride powder (particle size should be less than 325 mesh, preferably in a few microns below) and the mixture of carbon black (dry mixing by the ball mill, carbon black content is 5% ~ 10% more than the theoretical carbon content) pressure molding. Pressurized metal vanadium with high pressure (3 tons/cm 2), pressurized vanadium hydride with low pressure (1 tons/cm 2). The pressurized powder is stored in a graphite crucible (in a vacuum of about 133322Pa) heated to 1800 ~ 2000℃, kept for 1h, so that the carburization (reaction temperature and holding time depends on the particle size of the raw material, reaction performance, filling amount, etc.).

4. Use the reduction method. Vanadium carbide can be prepared by fully mixing the carbon powder with vanadium pentoxide and reducing it at a temperature above 1300℃ under high vacuum condition.

The nature of the

Stable at room temperature and pressure. Avoid material oxides. Microvickers hardness (-50g)2944kg/mm, has a high melting point (2830℃).


It can be used as grain refiner in cemented carbide, cutting tool and steelmaking industry, and can obviously improve the properties of alloy.

Used for cutting hard alloy, production of wear - resistant film and semiconductor film.