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Properties and applications of zirconium silicide


Properties of zirconium silicide

Zirconium silicide is a gray square crystalline powder with a relative density of 4.88 and a melting point of 1620 º C. Zirconium silicide is insoluble in water, inorganic acid and aqua regia, and soluble in hydrofluoric acid.

Zirconium silicide, as zirconium silicon intermetallic compound, is a kind of high-temperature ceramic material with high hardness, high melting point, high conductivity, high thermal conductivity and excellent thermal shock resistance. In view of these superior physical and chemical properties, zirconium silicon intermetallic compound is a structural material or new engineering material that can be used in high-temperature corrosive media.

Zirconium silicide can be obtained by high temperature reaction of a mixture of zirconium powder and silicon powder in a specific amount under isolated air.

Application of zirconium silicide

1. Zirconium silicide can be used as lubricating material, wear-resistant material, semiconductor film, electronic material and ceramic material.

2. Deoxidizer. In the process of steelmaking, oxygen in molten steel can be removed, and some ferroalloys can also remove other impurities in steel, such as sulfur and nitrogen.

3. Alloy additives. According to the requirements of steel composition, alloy elements are added to the steel to improve the properties of the steel.

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