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New superhard material - Tungsten Boride


Tungsten boride can be widely used in the preparation of high speed cutting tools, oil/gas drilling composite, coal/mining drilling composite, high hardness abrasive, ultra-high temperature refractory materials. Compared with diamond, cubic boron nitride and other traditional superhard materials, although the hardness is lower than the above two materials, in practical application, it has better performance:

1. Compared with artificial diamond, due to the special boron-tungsten lattice structure, the oxidation resistance of tungsten boride is significantly better than that of diamond, and the working temperature is higher than that of artificial diamond;

2. In metal cutting, the high speed cutting tool made of artificial diamond is prone to carburizing behavior in the process of processing, resulting in the pollution of metal materials, while the cutting tool made of tungsten boride can avoid the above problems and ensure the metal properties in the process of processing is not affected;

3. Compared with artificial diamond and cubic boron nitride, the synthesis process of tungsten boride does not need ultra-high pressure device, the production process is simple, convenient for large-scale industrial production, and the relative cost can be greatly reduced.

Compared with traditional tungsten carbide materials with high hardness, tungsten boride has the following advantages:

1, higher hardness. In the literature, the highest Vickers hardness of tungsten carbide compounds is only 30GPa, and the hardness of tungsten boride is 41GPa, which is higher than that of tungsten carbide and can significantly improve the processing efficiency in production.

2. Stronger oxidation resistance. Tungsten boride oxidation at high temperature can produce molten boron oxide layer, forming a structure similar to glass film covering the surface of the material, play a role of oxygen isolation; Carbon dioxide, the oxidizing product of tungsten carbide, is a gas and cannot protect tungsten carbide.

To sum up, tungsten boride has incomparable advantages over traditional diamond, cubic boron nitride superhard materials and tungsten carbide high hardness materials, and is expected to be applied on a large scale in the future.