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Tsinghua University has made important progress in the field of flexible acoustic devices



Fig. 1 structure, working mechanism and performance diagram of mxene acoustic sensor

The above related achievements, entitled "two stage amplification of an ultra sensitive mxene based intelligent artificial eardrum", were published online in science advances on March 30. The corresponding authors of the paper are Professor Ren Tianling, Associate Professor Yang Yi and Associate Professor Tian He of the school of integrated circuits of Tsinghua University and Professor Chi won Ahn of the Korean Academy of science and technology. Gou Guangyang, a 2022 doctoral graduate of the school of integrated circuits of Tsinghua University, Li Xiaoshi, a 2020 doctoral student, post doctoral Jian Jinming and Associate Professor Tian He are the co first authors. The project has been supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the key R & D plan of the Ministry of science and technology, the Beijing Municipal Natural Science Foundation of China and the Beijing National Research Center for information science and technology.

In recent years, Ren Tianling's team has been committed to the basic research and practical application of two-dimensional materials, especially focusing on the research of new micro nano electronic devices that break through the limitations of traditional devices, and has made a number of innovative achievements in new graphene acoustic devices and various sensor devices. He has published many papers in well-known journals such as nature, nature electronics and nature communications, as well as top international academic conferences in the field of International Electronic Devices Conference (IEDM).