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Ni2Si Nickel Silicide

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Product Description

Ni2Si Nickel Silicide

Silicon (NiSi) is an austenitic (NiSi) alloy (1); it is used as the negative pole material of n-type 

thermocouple. Its thermoelectric stability is better than that of E, J and K type electric couple.

Nickel silicon alloy should not be placed in sulfur-containing gas. Recently, it is listed as a type 

of thermocouple in international standard.

The parameters of NiSi are as follows:

Chemical composition: Si: 4.3%, Mg: 0.1%, the rest is Ni

Density: 8.585g/cm3

Resistance: 0.365 Ω mm2 / M

Resistance temperature coefficient (20-100 ° C) 689x10 minus 6th power / K

Coefficient of thermal expansion (20-100 ° C) 17x10 minus 6th power / K

Thermal conductivity (100 ° C) 27xwm negative first power K negative first power

Melting point: 1309 ° C

Application fields:

Silicon is the most widely used semiconductor materials. A variety of metal silicides have been 

studied for contact and interconnection technology of semiconductor devices. MoSi2, WSI and 

Ni2Si have been introduced into the development of microelectronic devices. These silicon-based 

thin films have good matching with silicon materials, and can be used for insulation, isolation, 

passivation and interconnection in silicon devices,NiSi, as the most promising self-aligned silicide 

material for nanoscale devices, has been widely studied for its low silicon loss and low formation 

heat budget, low resistivity and no linewidth effect In graphene electrode, nickel silicide can delay 

the occurrence of pulverization and cracking of silicon electrode, and improve the conductivity of 

the electrode.The wetting and spreading effects of nisi2 alloy on SiC ceramics at different 

temperatures and atmospheres were investigated.

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