TaB2 Tantalum Boride powder
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TaB2 Tantalum Boride powder

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Product Description

TaB2 Tantalum Boride powder

Chemical properties of tantalum diboride
Melting point: 3140 ° C
Density: 11.200
Form: Black hexagonal crystals
12007-35-1(CAS DataBase Reference)
EPA Chemical Information :Tantalum Boride (TaB2) (12007-35-1)

Dangerous goods sign: Xi
Hazard Type code: 36/37/38
Safety instructions: 26-36
WGK Germany: 3

Boride tantalum (TaB2) is a transition metal tantalum boride, belong to the six-party AlB2 crystal structure, as the excellent ultra high temperature ceramics (UHTC) material, with high hardness and strength at high temperature, good heat resistance and oxidation resistance, good electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity, good chemical stability and thermal shock resistance, good wear-resisting corrosion resistance and other properties.
It has been used in space vehicle thermal protection system, refractory crucible, plasma arc electrode and rocket engine, and has been widely used as hard material or composite material reinforcement.

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