TaSi2 Tantalum Silicide
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TaSi2 Tantalum Silicide

Haixin is one of the leading and professional TaSi2 Tantalum Silicide powder manufacturers in China. Providing you with good after-sales service and quick delivery, we warmly welcome you to high quality and non-toxic TaSi2 Tantalum Silicide powder at the most competitive price with us.

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Product Description

TaSi2 Tantalum Silicide


Tantalum disilicide has excellent properties such as high melting point, low resistivity, corrosion resistance, high temperature oxidation resistance and good compatibility with silicon, carbon and other basic materials. It is mainly used in electric heating elements, high temperature structural components, gate materials, connecting circuit of integrated circuits, high temperature oxidation resistant coating, fine ceramic raw material powder, aerospace, engine and other fields.

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