TaSi2 Tantalum Silicide
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TaSi2 Tantalum Silicide

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Product Description

Name: tantalum silicide

Chemical formula: TaSi2

Tantalum silicide melting point: 2200 ℃

Tantalum silicide density: 9.14g/cm

Use of tantalum silicide:

Tantalum disilicide has excellent properties such as high melting point, low resistivity, corrosion resistance, high temperature oxidation resistance, and good compatibility with silicon, carbon, etc. It is mainly used in electric heating elements, high-temperature structural components, grid materials, connection lines of integrated circuits, high-temperature oxidation resistant coatings, metal ceramics, ceramic matrix composites, aerospace, engines and other fields.

Applications: 1) Preparation of silicon nitride tantalum silicide composite ceramic materials. The silicon nitride tantalum silicide composite ceramic material consists of the following raw materials (by weight): 92-98 parts silicon nitride powder, 12-15 parts tantalum silicide powder, 3-6 parts neodymium powder and 2-5 parts rhodium oxide powder.

2) For the tantalum silicide coating, the described method includes using tantalum silicide powder with a particle size range of 10 to 120 microns and a purity greater than 95wt%, spraying tantalum silicide powder in the pretreatment of the high-temperature resistant surface of the substrate material using a vacuum plasma spraying process or a low pressure plasma spraying process. The plasma spraying process parameters are: plasma gas Ar: 30-50SLPM; Plasma gas H2: 8-18 SLPM; Powder carrier gas Ar: 1.55slpm; Spraying distance: 100-350mm; Spraying power: 30-58kw; Powder feeding amount: 8-30g · min-1; Spray pressure: 100-800mbar.

Tantalum silicide preparation:

1. Take metal tantalum and silicon powder as raw materials, grind and mix them evenly, put them into a graphite furnace and heat them to 1100~1500 ℃ for pre reaction, then inject hydrogen, and then heat them to 800 ℃ for reaction to obtain tantalum silicide. Alternatively, tantalum pentoxide can be reduced by calcium hydride to obtain tantalum hydride, then heated to 1800 ℃ to obtain tantalum metal, and then added silicon powder to obtain tantalum silicide.

2. Preheat the mixture of Si and Ta to 350 ℃, then raise the temperature to 1480 ℃ and heat the reaction. Or make TaS2 react with SiHnX4-n at 900 ℃.

3. The direct method is to prepare tantalum silicide from metal tantalum and silicon powder. The reaction formula is as follows.

First, the tantalum and silicon powder are crushed and mixed evenly, and then they are heated in a graphite furnace until

Pre reaction is conducted at 1100~1500 ℃, then hydrogen is introduced, and temperature is raised to 1800 ℃ for homogenization reaction for 1h to obtain tantalum silicide.

4. Tantalum pentoxide reduction method First, tantalum pentoxide is reduced by calcium hydride to obtain tantalum hydride, then heated to 1800 ℃ to obtain tantalum metal, and then tantalum silicide is synthesized by adding silicon powder.

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