TiB2 Titanium Boride Powder
  • TiB2 Titanium Boride PowderTiB2 Titanium Boride Powder

TiB2 Titanium Boride Powder

Haixin is one of the leading and professional TiB2 titanium boride powder manufacturers in China. Providing you with good after-sales service and quick delivery, we warmly welcome you to high quality TiB2 titanium boride powder at the most competitive price with us.

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Product Description

TiB2 Titanium Boride Powder

Titanium diboride


Properties: melting point; 2900-3225 ° C density; 4.52 g / ml at 25 (lit.); solid in hydrogen peroxide and sulfuric acid

chemical property;

The product is grey hexagonal crystal with relative density of 4.50 and melting point 2900 . It has high hardness and strength, good heat shock resistance, low electro resistance and is not easy to be eroded by molten metal.

The powder is used in rocket nozzle, electrical contact and high temperature electrode material, also can be used as abrasive.; conductive ceramics, tool ceramics, conductive wear-resistant coating V use; conductive composite materials.

conductive boron nitride (steamboat),Produced with titanium diboride (TiB2) and boron nitride (BN), is the main component of vacuum aluminizing equipment.

Ceramic cutting tools and parts. Titanium diboride ceramics are manufactured for wire drawing dies, extrusion dies, sandblasting nozzles, sealing elements, cutting tools, etc. Composite ceramic materials. Titanium diboride can be used as an important component of multi-component composite materials. Titanium diboride can be used as a cutting tool composite material with tic, tin, SiC and other materials. It can also be used as a component to make armor protection material. It is the best material for various high-temperature parts and functional devices. Cathode materials for aluminum electrolysis.

It can be used As the cathode material of aluminum reduction cell, TiB2 has good wettability with molten aluminum, which reduces the power consumption of electrolytic aluminum and prolongs the life of electrolytic cell.

It can also be made into PTC heating material and flexible PTC material, which is the strengthening agent of A1, Fe, Cu and other metal materials. Application: used as rocket nozzle, electrical contact, electrode materials; boron carbide method, also known as carbothermal reduction method, it can be prepared by using TiCl4 and BCl3 as raw materials, under H2 condition,deposition temperature is 800 ~ 1000 , TiCl4 + 2bcl3 + 5h2 = TiB2 + 10hcl,application to the milling and electricity level products.

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