TiH2 Titanium Hydride Powder
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TiH2 Titanium Hydride Powder

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TiH2 Titanium Hydride Powder

Properties of Titanium Hydride
Chinese name: Titanium Dihydride; Hydrogenated Titanium;
CAS Number: 7704-98-5;
Melting point: 400 ℃
Water soluble: insoluble in water
Secret: 3.91 g/cm3
Exterior: dark gray powder or crystals
Chemical formula: TiH2
Molecular weight: 49.89

TiH2 is a metal hydride formed from the elements titanium and hydrogen. It is chemically active and needs to be kept away from high temperature and strong oxidizer. Because it is more stable in the air, it can also be used to prepare hydrogen and titanium hydroxide. It can be obtained by the direct reaction of hydrogen with the metal titanium. When the temperature is above 300, titanium can absorb hydrogen reversibly and finally form the compound with chemical formula TiH2. If heated above 1000, titanium hydride will be completely broken down into titanium and hydrogen. At sufficiently high temperatures, titanium and hydrogen are in equilibrium, and the partial pressure of hydrogen is a function of the hydrogen content and temperature in the metal. Titanium hydride also has complex hydrogen-deficient phases with variable composition and different TI-H intervals, which have been extensively studied in recent years because they can be used to make buffers, reflectors or high-temperature protection equipment, and possibly in mobile nuclear reactors.

Applications of titanium hydride
It can be used as a source of hydrogen in the manufacture of foamed metals and as a source of high-purity hydrogen. It can also be used for metal-ceramic sealing and for supplying titanium to alloy powders in powder metallurgy.
Titanium dihydride is brittle and can be used to make titanium powder. It is also used in welding, where titanium dihydride is thermally decomposed to precipitate new ecological hydrogen and titanium metal, the latter of which can promote welding and increase weld strength. It can be used as catalyst for polymerization reaction.

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