VSi2 Vanadium Silicide
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VSi2 Vanadium Silicide

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Product Description

VSi2 Vanadium Silicide

Chemical formula VSi2. molecular weight 

107.11。 Metallic prismatic crystal. The relative density was 4.42. Insoluble in cold

water and Hot water, soluble in hydrofluoric acid, insoluble in ethanol, ether and 

acid. Method: according to the match The ratio of vanadium pentoxide to silicon

reacts at 1200 ℃, or will be in proportion to the metal Vanadium can be obtained 

by reaction of vanadium with silicon at high temperature. Application: used for 

acid resistance and fire resistance

Material Science.

1.Preparation of vanadium silicide thin films. Thin layer silicides with good properties

can be directly synthesized by implantation of vanadium metal ions with high beam density. 

With the increase of the beam density, the vanadium silicide phase grows, and the sheet 

resistance Rs of the thin silicide decreases obviously. When the beam density is 25 μ A / cm2, 

RS reaches the minimum value of 22 ψ, which indicates that continuous silicide has been 

formed. X-ray diffraction analysis showed that four kinds of vanadium silicides, including 

V3Si, V5Si3, V3Si5 and VSi2, were formed in the implanted layer. After annealing, RS decreases 

obviously, the minimum rs can be reduced to 9 ψ, and the resistivity can be as low as 72 μ ψ m, 

which indicates that the quality of vanadium silicide thin layer has been further improved. 

After high beam density injection and annealing, the vanadium silicide phase grows further. 

High beam density injection and high temperature annealing (1200 ℃) stil.

2. Vanadium silicide is a kind of sound absorbing ceramic material. The surface layer with 

sound absorbing property is coated on the surface of the base layer.

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