WCr Tungsten-chromium alloy
  • WCr Tungsten-chromium alloyWCr Tungsten-chromium alloy

WCr Tungsten-chromium alloy

Haixin is one of the leading and professional WCr Tungsten-chromium alloy manufacturers in China. Providing you with good after-sales service and quick delivery, we warmly welcome you to high quality WCr Tungsten-chromium alloy at the most competitive price with us.

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Product Description

WCr Tungsten-chromium alloy

Tungsten chromium alloy
Chromium-tungsten alloy has low carbon content and low hardening, but after carburizing and quenching, surface hardness and thermal stability increase significantly, comprehensive mechanical properties are good, and higher impact toughness can be obtained. Cr - W alloy has high sensitivity and poor wear resistance under abrasive wear conditions.
Application materials
Stellite has good mechanical properties and is widely used, mainly for manufacturing woodworking tools, cold cutting metal blades, scraper blades for rolling thread board, large heavy load cold upsetting punch, medium load steel plate punch, pneumatic tools and die for cold punching and trimming of fine pressing die.

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