WSi2 Tungsten Silicide
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WSi2 Tungsten Silicide

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Product Description

WSi2 Tungsten Silicide

Tungsten disilicate, also known as tungsten silicate, is an inorganic silicide.

Tungsten disilicate is a black - gray (blue - black) tetragonal crystal.

Chinese name: tungsten disilicate   The foreign name: Tungsten Disilicide

Molecular formula: WSi2           Points the child quantity: 240.01

The density: 9.4(g/mL,25℃)      melting points(ºC) :2165

Solubleness: insoluble in water      CAS: 12039-88-2       MDL: MFCD00049704

Physical and chemical properties:Physical properties are as follows: chemical molecular 

formula: WSi2, melting point: 2165℃, density: 9.3g·cm3, melting point: 2160℃ (3920 °F, 2,430K), 

has good oxidation resistance, soluble in aqua fluoride, but insoluble in water. The chemical 

properties of tungsten disilicate are shown as follows: it can react violently with many 

substances, such as strong acids, fluorine, oxidants and interhalogen compounds.

Application Field:WSi2 is often used in microelectronics as electric shock material, including 

resistance is 60-80 mu Ω cm. It is also often used as a shunt on a polysilicon wire to increase 

its conductivity and signal speed.

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